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Which wars do you plan to make during the 2010 war season?

Estrella War

Mists/Cynagua War

May Potrero War

West / An Tir War

Dark Well War

Pensic War

Sept. Potrero War

Cynagua / Mists War

Great Western War

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Welcome to The Orkney Warband: Age of Heroes page. We're a warband of the SCA (Society for Creative Anacronism) in the imaginary kingdom of Caid and more specifically located in the barony of Califia. The 'mundane' real map position would be in the San Diego, California, USA area.

We're a Dark Ages (Special Forces) unit. We pride ourselves on our egalitarian republic of highly skilled warriors. Not your typical master-servant relationship as some of the other warbands and households throughout the "Known World". We don't do a lot of the annoying off the field bossing you around type-stuff. We want everyone to have the freedom to go out & explore the SCA and have fun doing it. Party like a rock-star or sit by the fire and get mellow - nobody cares. Whatever turns you on. Just so long as you're not stopping others from having a good time. Its all about the fight for us.

Why the Dark Ages? Cause we can't pin anything down exactingly. Many of us fight in Greco-Roman armour, but most, if not all of us, fight with scudums (tower shields) and short swords, or spears. We're a unit of opportunity, small (12-20) but decisive in our attack. Our superior training, movement, weapons and armour make us a formidable foe. So if you're interested in being an Orkney, check out our few little rules and customs and then email us or visit us at practise.

Lord George of Lancaster

Over the past year, a bond between the groups of DunTyr, Orkney, Romani, & Corvus has grown strong. To help this bond continue to grow, I\'ve included a special forum. This new forum is private to the D.O.R.C camp. I\'ve also added a new poll of war we all plan to attend during the 2007 war season. This poll is open to all in the D.O.R.C. camp as well.

If you should be included as a member of the D.O.R.C. camp, drop me a line at uther©orkneylot.com so I can add you to the group for proper access.

Also, send me links to your groups websites, so I can add them to our site.
Posted by:Uther of Wroxham on Tuesday 10 October 2006 - 17:18:44 | Comments: 0

For The Emperor!
Sir Vlad the Indifferent
THL Grim Oxarbrjotr
Lord Gunther of Orkney
Heroes of Orkney:
Lord George of Lancaster
THL Rashid Khamal Mohamed Salmon Sager
Robaan Grimm
Lord Argus of Orkney
Varian of Orkney
Georgios Arkadios
Makoto Spear-Breaker of Orkney
Lord Randver Brotamaðr
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Thadius Marcus Agendus
St. John
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Count Sir Brand Armond of Lancaster
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THL Achilles of Sparta
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Race of Lancaster
Wilhelm Dauben
Lord Teadoir Readulf
Cedric of Orkney
Egil Svenson
Lord Gerhard
Lord Uther of Wroxham
Lord Padraig McMurdock
Sir Wilhelm Skalla Grimm
Sir Haakon Blood Axe
THL Ajax of Orkney
Valand the smith
Fallen Heroes:
Mordred McKay
Vergus Humongous
Paris of Orkney
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